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Artistico – Verluto (Velvety Texture)

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Acrylic based, velvet patterned, interior surface decorative product. The appearance of its shading and color change according to how the light is reflected.


Can be applied on all previously painted surfaces that are prepared, interior surfaces of concrete, plaster, black cast, betopan, glass textile and wall paper.


Concentration: 1,17 ± 0,02 (gr / cm³)


The application surfaces must be smooth, durable, free of humidity, and self-accommodating. The coatings on previously painted, glass textile, or wall paper covered surfaces must be removed, if possible, and a smooth and even surface must be obtained by applying Bianca interior surface paste. After the paste applied surface is sanded, Bianca Vals Water Based Sateen primer must be applied to complete the surface preparation process. Following the primer application, Bianca Artistico Verluto can be applied on the surface by means of a roller without diluting the product. A pattern is created with the help of a trowel. After the first layer of application dries, the second layer is applied in a thin layer with the help of a decorative trowel or roller. Following the application, without waiting for the product to dry, a pattern is created on the surface with the help of a special trowel by circular motion. To prevent the formation of seams the application must be well planned and performed without any interruptions.

Due to its weak and chalking quality, sateen plaster should never be used on the surface.

Prior to use, the paint must be thoroughly mixed until it becomes homogeneous.

The application must be made in ambient temperatures ranging between +10°C and +30°C. Prior to an application on glossy and glassy surfaces, the surface must be sanded to establish a solid base to achieve better adhesion.

Name product : Artistico – Verluto (Velvety Texture)