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Merbolin Gypsum Primer

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Mode of Packing 5 lt, 10 lt and 20 lt.
Definition It is an acrylic copolymer resin based, interior primer for gypsum surfaces.
Color Transparent
Uses of... It can be safely used as a primer on interior gypsum or puttied surface and use on old water base painted surface and before topcoat paint application.
Specifications Due to its high penetration property, it completely prevents absorbency of gypsum surface, reduces the paint comsumption and provides the integration of the paint with surface. It is ready to use and can be used as a primer before all water based interior topcoat paint.
Technical Features
Type of Resin : Acrylic copolymer
Viscosity (D4-sec)(25 °C) : 10 ± 2
Specific Gravity (g/ml) (20 °C) : 1.05 ± 0.03
Solid Content (by weight) (%) : 9 ± 1
pH : 7.00 - 8.00
Theoretical Coverage : 15 m² /lt ( one coat, depending on the surface porosity and absorbency)
Practical Coverage : 0.070 – 0.100 lt/m² ( one coat ) 0.070 – 0.100 kg/m² ( one coat )
Recommended number of coats : One coat.
Drying Time (20 °C) : Drying : : 1-2 hours , Topcoat paint application : 6 hours
Thin Down Ratio : Definetely do not dilute.
Application 1 All application surface must be sound, dry and clean The interior wall surface is levelled with Merbolin Interior Putty or gypsum plaster and dried 12 - 24 hours. After than surface faults should be emerized and cleaned. The synthetic painted surface definetely is emerized with large motive sandpaper and cleaned.
Application 2 After the surface preparation, Merbolin Gypsum Primer should be applied one or two coats depending on the surface porosity and absorbency, applied with brush, roller or paint gun . Definetely do not dilute.
Storage Conditions It should be storaged in original and closed containers at 5 - 35 °C temperatures. It should be protected from extreme heat, moisture and frost.
Important Notices
Primer must be mixed before the use.
The ambient temperature should be between 5 - 35 °C at the time of application
Application tools must be cleaned with water, after the application.
After the application, the primered surface must be protected during
24 hours, from chemical and physical factors.
Primer doesn’t empty into drains.
Application procedures defined above should be strictly observed.


H317 Causes allergic skin reactions.

P101 Keep the package and the label if you need medical advice.
P102  Keep out of reach of children
P103  Read the label before using. 
P261 Avoid breathing dust, vapor, mist, gas, smoke, spray.
P280  Use protective gloves/protective clothing/glasses/mask. 
P321  Special medical response required (see label) 
P363 Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.
P333+P313 In case of irritated/itchy skin: Seek medical help/advice.
P501 Dispose of the content/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international legislations.

Name product : Merbolin Gypsum Primer