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Rutubetkes Water Proofing Paint

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Solvent based odourless matt paint, based on thermo plastic resins, for interior mineral substrates. Blocking the dampness and humidity coming from the surface.


Walls and ceilings in indoor areas with high humidity.


• Applicable directly on damped and wet surfaces possible interior surfaces .
• Does not contain oil or alkyd therefore does not yellow in time.
• Prevents moisture penetration.
• Prevents the generation of moss and bacterium.
• Gives no disturbing odor during the application.
• Does not need primer provides excellent adhesion.
• Resistant to mechanical damage and detergents of home use.
• Applicable directly on wet surfaces.


The surfaces subject to Bianca Rutubetkes application must be clean and dry, free from all kinds of dirt, oil and dust. The surface must be smoothed with scrapper. Application directly on damped and wet surfaces possible, but excessive water should be removed with a cloth. Bianca Rutubetkes is applied on the surface in one layer with a roller or  brush.

Name product : Rutubetkes Water Proofing Paint