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Import Synthetic Gloss Paint

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Synthetic alkyd resin based top coat paint with glossy appearance and excellent hiding power.


All kinds of interior and exterior wood, metal surfaces and mineral substrates , together with appropriate primer.


• High and long lasting glossy appearance.
• Yellowing resistance.
• Excellent covering and expanding abilities.
• Easily applied by a brush.
• No brush prints no drips.
• Resistant to dust and dirt sticking.
• Resistant to mechanical damage and chemical detergents of home use.

All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry, and free of substances, preventing adhesion. The old paints must be scraped and removed. The cracks on the wall must be filled with putty. It can be applied at min. +5ºC, max. +30ºC temperature.

  1. A) Wood Surfaces: Apply Bianca Wood Stain in a single layer. After that if it is necessary apply synthetic putty. Sanding is recommended after this application. Then apply Bianca Synthetic Primer as a single layer. 12 hrs. later Bianca Import Synthetic can be applied in 2 layers 24 hrs. should elapse between the layer applications.
  2. B) Metal Surfaces: Coat new metal surfaces with Bianca Anti-Rust Primer as a single layer. After that apply Bianca Synthetic Primer as a single layer .
    Apply Bianca Import Synthetic Gloss Paint coat after 12 hours of priming by means of brush, roller or air less praying equipment application, make 24 hrs. pause between the layer application.

Name product : Import Synthetic Gloss Paint