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Artistico – Travertino (Travertine and Natural Stone Textured Coating)

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It is a mineral-based, decorative interior plaster that provides the appearance of travertine on the facades where it is applied.


It is used on walls, plaster, gross concrete and wooden surfaces in the interior of the buildings with the appropriate primer after the floor preparation.

• Thanks to its high water vapor permeability, it allows the steam to be expelled and the surface to breathe.
• Its color does not fade, does not crack, swell or shed.
• It does not have an irritating odor during application.
• It has a perfect covering.

After cleaning all kinds of dirt, oil and dust on the surfaces where Bianca Travertino will be applied, the surface defects should be corrected with Bianca Interior Putty and primed with Bianca Vals Primer. Bianca Travertino product is applied without dilution, with a steel trowel, with the first coat at least 1 mm thick. At least 6 hours after the first layer application, the second layer is applied. Before the 2nd layer dries completely, an effect is given to the surface with a special sponge or comb. Then the surface is glazed with a steel trowel to obtain a smooth finish. Care should be taken to keep the ambient temperature at the lowest + 5 ° C and the highest + 35 ° C during the application and for the next 24 hours.

Name product : Artistico – Travertino (Travertine and Natural Stone Textured Coating)