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Artistico – Marmesto (Exterior Marble Texture)

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Acrylic copolymer emulsion based, marble effect, semi-gloss, decorative coating material for exterior facades.


It can be safely used for decorative and insulation purposes on the outer surfaces of all kinds of building elements such as concrete, ytong, briquette, eternit.

• Resistant to atmospheric conditions and pollution, sun rays, friction and impacts.
• Its color does not fade, does not crack, swell or shed.
• It does not have an irritating odor during application.
• It has a perfect covering.

The coatings on the old painted, glass textile and wallpaper surfaces should be removed if possible and a smooth surface should be obtained with Bianca Exterior Putty. After the putty surface is sanded, the surface preparation process should be completed by applying Bianca Decorative Primer on it. Satin plaster should never be used for floor preparation, due to its weak and dusting character. Bianca Marmesto in paste consistency should be applied by spreading the first coat on the surface, for which the ground preparations have been completed, without thinning. A second application is made with the help of a trowel before the surface dries. The surface is smoothed from both sides by circular movements from outside to inside. After the surface dries, the third layer should be applied with a spatula as a patch pattern. Immediately after the application, the polishing process is started with a trowel before the product dries. It should be worked carefully without putting too much pressure on the surface. If too much pressure is applied to the surface, a drawn image is created. After the polishing process is completed, it should be left to dry for 24 hours.

Name product : Artistico – Marmesto (Exterior Marble Texture)