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Artistico – Foglia (Foil)

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Acrylic copolymer emulsion based, shiny, semi-opaque, metal looking decorative finishing layer of internal and external surface paint.


Application must be made on textured, acrylic and mineral based coatings and paintable wall paper after the preparation of the surface is completed.


Concentration: 1,07±0,02 (gr/ml)


The surface is prepared by means of textured application on newly or previously painted surfaces. Textured surface must be painted in a color that would be in harmony with the color of the finishing layer. In applications of Bianca Artistico Foglia in the color desired by means of a roller on painted surface, 4 hours standing period must be allowed between each layer and 2 layers must be applied. In applications on white surface, again 4 hour standing period must be allowed between each layer and 3 layers of the product must be applied.

If the application surface is covered with wall paper, Bianca Artistico Foglia in a color desired will be applied 2 to 3 layers by means of a roller and by observing the drying times after the application of paint in a color recommended for the underlying surface.

Name product : Artistico – Foglia (Foil)