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Artistico – Madreperla (Pearl Textured Nacre)

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Final-coat interior wall-painting on acrylic-polymer-emulsion basis, washable, decorative with pearlescent texture.


Applicable on all ground prepared surfaces like old painting, concrete, plaster, black cement plaster, precast concrete panels, glass textiles and wall paper.

Colour: Selectable from the Bianca Special Effected and Textured Items Catalogue.
Brightness 60°: 44± 5 gloss
Density: 1,05 ± 0,02 g/ml

All surfaces to be applied should be flattened, fixed, dry and clean and should be able to carry the painting.  The surface must be filled with Bianca Iç Cephe Macunu (Interior Wall Putty). After sanding the filled surfaces, apply Bianca Vals Su Bazlı Saten Astarı (Satin Primer on Water Basis) and finish the surface preparation works. If colour differences are wanted in the background, Bianca Artistico Madreperla (pearl textured nacre) can be applied over the first and second coat wall painting with a satin roll as single coat and design is given by a second person before it is dried out. If no colour difference is wanted, apply just like normal wall painting with a satin roll as single coat on the wall. After first coat painting is dry, second coat is applied with a fluffy roll onto the surface and while the painting is still wet designs can be given with tools like effect rolls, sea sponges and buckskin. Application should be done at temperatures between +10°C and +30°C. In cases where other colours than the ones shown in the Bianca Special Effected and Textured Items Catalogue are wanted, colour tone differences may occur due to application methods. In this case it is advised to perform a draft painting. For surface preparation it is absolutely advised to use satin plaster due to its weak and dusty condition. On freshly plastered surfaces, in order to start with the wall painting please be sure to have waited at least 28 days.

Name product : Artistico – Madreperla (Pearl Textured Nacre)