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Tavan Plastic (Ceiling Paint)

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Acrylic copolymer based, decorative emulsion topcoat ceiling paint  with mat appearance.


Interior surfaces, walls and ceiling, previously painted or new and clean surfaces, plaster, brick and concrete surfaces.


• Water based substance with high respiration capability.
• With mat and smooth apperance, it does not shine under light.
• Very high covering capability.
• No blistering and no spilling.
• Time and labor saving bound to its spreading power during application.


The surfaces subject to Bianca Ceiling Paint application must be clean, dry and strong, free from all kinds of dirt, oil and dust. The old paints must be scraped and removed. The cracks on the wall must be filled with putty. It can be applied either with brush or roller at min. +5ºC, max. +30ºC temperature.

Name product : Tavan Plastic (Ceiling Paint)