Espina Soft Matt

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Water and emulsion based, matte, decorative interior surface top coat paint containing silicone.



Used safely as a top coat paint on new mineral based interior walls and ceilings, old painted and faded surfaces, surfaces whose subsurface preparation operations such as satin gypsum and paste have been completed, glass textile and wall papers as well as interior surfaces of balconies


• It is enhanced with silicone technology.
• It performs high durability and coveringability.
• It has a special soft matte texture.
• Espina is an optimum paint which has wipe clean capability.
• It integrates with the applied surface.
• It shows high capability of breathing.
• Causes nocracking, blistering or spalling
• Makes labor saving during application with its spreadingability.
• Since it is waterbased, it does not emitany disturbing odor; environment friendly.


The surfaces subject to Bianca Espina paint application must be cleanand dry, free from all kinds of dirt, oil and dust. The old paints must be scraped and removed. The cracks on the wall must be filled with satin plaster or paste. During application, care should taken that the surface and ambient temperature is between min. +5°C and max. +30°C. After the surface preparation is completed, to line with Bianca Vals Primer will increaseadherenceandprovidesignifi cant economy at paint consumption. It is appliedsinglecoatwithbrushor roller as top enetrate the surface exactly and equally. To avoid fluctuations on large surfaces, the paint should always be diluted with the same amount of water, thoroughly mixed and applied without interruption to the surface. There should not be excessive wind and air flow in the application environment. After 6 hours Bianca Espina application is done.

Name product : Espina Soft Matt