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Stella – Water Based Glossy Liquid Glass

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It is a one-component, water-based new generation product used for protection purposes, with excellent adhesion to all surfaces.

It can be applied on all kinds of wood, furniture, parquet, laminate, ceramic, tile, marble, glass, plastic, metal, aluminum, galvanized, zinc, porcelain, wall, stone, paper, cardboard surfaces.


• It has excellent water resistance. Since it has very good water resistance, it also provides waterproofing on the applied surface.
• It has high chemical resistance (soap, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, etc.).
• It does not leave any brush or roller marks as it is very spreading, it gives the user the desired time for necessary corrections.
• It has high adhesion strength.
• It is dirt and stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with a wet and soapy cloth.
• It is resistant to scratches.
• It dries quickly.
• It does not have an irritating odor.
• It is suitable for use in all indoor and outdoor spaces.


The application surface must be clean. The surface should be free of all factors that will reduce its adhesion to the surface, such as dust, dirt, oil, and sandpaper should be done when necessary. The product must be mixed thoroughly before use. The product is applied to the pre-prepared surface in 2 layers, without thinning, by silk brush, velvet varnish roller or spraying. Between floors min. You should wait 2 hours. During the application, care should be taken to ensure that the applied surface and ambient temperature are between +5°C and +30°C.

Name product : Stella – Water Based Glossy Liquid Glass