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Cellulosic Glossy Varnish

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It is nitrocellulose and alkyd-based single-component, quick-dry, gloss furniture varnish. High friction and impact resistance. Creates durable gloss surfaces on furniture and wooden components constructed for indoor use.

Surface Preparation&Application

The surfaces prepared with Polyurethane, Polyester or Cellulosic Sanding Sealer after curing has been completed, sanded with 220 and 400 sand sandpaper respectively. Later It can then be applied to a smooth and dust-free surface.

Thinning / Blending Ratio

Thinning 90-100% (One-component)

Recommended Film Thickness

160-180 gr/m²

Drying Time

Completes dust-dry in 3-5 minutes, touch-dry in 10-15 minutes and full-dry in 12 hours. (At 23°C)

Recommended Application Tools

Air - airless spray


12 kg - 3 kg - 0.8 kg

Name product : Cellulosic Glossy Varnish